Welcome to Austin Process LLC

At Austin Process LLC, we are a well-respected name in the Texas legal community, collaborating with Fortune 500 law firms, insurance companies, state contracts, as well as small and individual law firms. Our commitment lies in providing meticulous attention and unmatched service to every client we serve.

Our Founder’s Vision

Two decades ago, Mike Techow stumbled upon the realm of civil process while overseeing a law firm’s case intake department. It was during this time that he recognized a distinct need for a detail-oriented legal services company rooted in Austin. For a year, he juggled this vision alongside his other commitments, and as his client base steadily expanded, it became evident that Austin needed a dedicated enterprise. Thus, Austin Process, LLC was born.

Over Two Decades of Growth

In the span of 24 years, Austin Process has witnessed remarkable growth, fostering a robust network of trusted professionals. Upholding unwavering standards for customer service and excellence, we’ve broadened the spectrum of our services without losing the personalized touch that defines us. We approach each client’s service requirements as a unique challenge, customizing our solutions to precisely meet the distinct needs of you and your clients.

At Austin Process LLC, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional legal support with a personal touch.

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