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What is skip tracing?


This is the term being used to perform the act of finding and identifying a person’s location. To perform this task means to look for someone who purposefully left or escaped without leaving a trail of information on their whereabouts or contact information.

These services rely on a variety of data sources to locate people who don’t want to be found. You can use it to obtain current workplaces, addresses, identification numbers, telephone numbers, and so much more.


This terminology is most frequently associated with bail bonds and bounty hunting, and many bounty hunters and bail bondsmen hire professionals to assist them in locating individuals who have failed to meet their bond’s terms. Nowadays, this can be done right away and usually lasts in shorter period of time compared to in the earlier days.

On a different view, this method can also be used in marketing. It is a legal and strategic way of obtaining contacts in lead generation and sales marketing. Skip trace, if done properly can lead a private business to reach a wider scope of potential clients which in return ca help the business grow and expand.

Private business can also make use of the this approach in targeting potential clients. Given the availability of data presented in various search engines or through professional skip tracing, they can easily identify a person and target potential clients.

What are the different procedures of a skip trace work?


There are professional agents trained in offering skip tracing services. They make use of available data in different platforms to locate the specific person they need to find.

This method is mainly performed in a sequence of steps.

The first step is to double-check the client’s information and correct any inaccuracies. This phase also assists the tracer in becoming acquainted with the subject. The tracer then starts to obtain as much data as possible regarding the issue, utilizing public resources.

Public Resources used for skip tracing


Having more resources can help achieve better results in the tracing process. The below resources are some of the accessible information that can be helpful for the process.

  • Social networking sites
  • Loan applications
  • Utility bill records
  • Credit reports
  • Job application records
  • Family members


What is skip tracing?


Skip tracing performed by trained professionals who make use of accurate data can be considered reliable. A private agent company can be hired to complete a task and identify the location and information of a person.

What is skip tracing phone numbers?


Tracing phone numbers is a professional way to acquire the contact number of a person. Contact information of individuals can be accessed in the different platforms available in social media and other publicly-available sources. This method is being used to serve different purposes.

How It Works

Step 1

Call or email us with a specific request. 

Step 2

We will confirm receipt and assign a work order to a server in the respondents zip code.

Step 3

We will notify you with real time service updates from the field. Once complete we will file service returns with the specific court and provide file stamped copies back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is skip tracing used in debt collection?

Another purpose of contact numbers sourced from tracing is easier way of debt collection. This is commonly used then a company’s debtors have not been responding to calls or have deactivate their previous contact information. When the collector gets in touch with the debtor through voice, they can better explain possible repayment methods. It is also a another way of cultivating a positive relationship with the customer.

If properly conducted by a professional, this method can aide both the private and public sector in achieving results that can benefit their agenda.

What Attorneys Say

Here’s some feedback we’ve received from law firms all over the United States.

Bryan Crone

My office has used Austin Process exclusively since at least 2017. We do a moderate regular volume of business with them each year across several Texas counties and they have handled the ~90% of our straightforward service needs and the ~10% that are more complex equally well. The small staff is friendly and responsive and on the very few occasions when I’ve had something particularly out of the ordinary, Mike has personally ensured it’s taken care of. We’ve had a very good customer experience working exclusively with Austin Process for several years now and I would certainly recommend using them for any service needs throughout the State of Texas.


Jack Nichols

I’ve been using Austin Process for service and skip tracing since I opened my practice. They are incredibly reliable, responsive, and always get the job done.


Caleb Malone

I have worked with Austin Process for nearly a decade. They are prompt, professional, and reliable. They have never let me down and have extensive knowledge of the rules of civil procedure and expeditious turnaround time. Highly recommend!


Jeff Meyerson

This is a top notch outfit! They are quick, efficient, and VERY experienced. They are our firm’s go to process server every time.


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