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What is skip tracing?


Skip trace is a service used to locate or track individuals and is commonly used in the fields of law enforcement, marketing, and even in some private practices.

How It Works

Step 1

Call or email us with a specific request. 

Step 2

We will confirm receipt and assign a work order to a server in the respondents zip code.

Step 3

We will notify you with real time service updates from the field. Once complete we will file service returns with the specific court and provide file stamped copies back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do skip tracers work?

Skip tracers rely on both public and private data. They make use of different search engines and tracking software to successfully locate their targets. A skip tracer can start by analyzing the information provided by the client regarding the target individual.

Having more resources can help achieve better results in the tracing process. The below resources are some of the accessible information that can be helpful for the process.

  • Social networking sites
  • Loan applications
  • Utility bill records
  • Credit reports
  • Job application records
  • Family members

What is skip tracing used for?

This method is widely used in different industries. Some of them are as follows.

Law enforcement

This process is also being utilized in the field of law enforcement. Federal investigators make use of different tools and methods to skip trace a criminal. This is also used in serving subpoenas and demand letters to individuals who are in hiding or cannot be located. Technology has played big role in the improvement of this practice.

Private practice

The private sector also makes use of skip tracing in different fields. A trained professional agent can be hired to find a missing person, conduct private investigations for various purposes, and many more. There are licensed professionals and companies who can be hired to perform this task.


Skip tracing is also a useful process in the industry of collections. A collection agent may use skip tracing in tracking debtors who are blocking calls, changed their phone numbers and email address, or changed their residence and left no trace behind.


The process of skip tracing can be helpful in the field of marketing. Sourcing out phone numbers and email addresses for the target market of a business will help in lead generation and eventually nurturing potential customers. The internet is a powerful tool equipped with massive information. This resource, when used properly and legally can help an enterprise gain customers and convert these leads to sales. The different tools available in the web makes it easy for businesses to perform tracing.

How do you skip trace a customer?

In order to successfully trace and eventually convert a contact into a customer, professional experience in utilizing public and private data is required. Search engines and social media sites can be used in lead generation. The first interaction or contact is critical as this will determine the possibility of converting a contact into a customer hence guaranteeing sales for the business.

What Attorneys Say

Here’s some feedback we’ve received from law firms all over the United States.

Bryan Crone

My office has used Austin Process exclusively since at least 2017. We do a moderate regular volume of business with them each year across several Texas counties and they have handled the ~90% of our straightforward service needs and the ~10% that are more complex equally well. The small staff is friendly and responsive and on the very few occasions when I’ve had something particularly out of the ordinary, Mike has personally ensured it’s taken care of. We’ve had a very good customer experience working exclusively with Austin Process for several years now and I would certainly recommend using them for any service needs throughout the State of Texas.


Jack Nichols

I’ve been using Austin Process for service and skip tracing since I opened my practice. They are incredibly reliable, responsive, and always get the job done.


Caleb Malone

I have worked with Austin Process for nearly a decade. They are prompt, professional, and reliable. They have never let me down and have extensive knowledge of the rules of civil procedure and expeditious turnaround time. Highly recommend!


Jeff Meyerson

This is a top notch outfit! They are quick, efficient, and VERY experienced. They are our firm’s go to process server every time.


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