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How to serve the process in Houston?


To serve process in Houston, you must know the Texas rules of civil procedure.


The Private Process Server will deliver court paper to the respondent, complete a Return of Service form which indicates when and where a respondent was served and files the completed Return of Service with the court to send it to be filed with the court.


Show Cause Order: Once they receive the motion and the order from the court, they are obligated to appear, and defend themselves. At the order to show cause hearing, if the court finds the other party to be non-compliant with the court’s orders, the courts can hold the non-compliant party in contempt, and issue sanctions against them.


Service by Posting is a method used when the process server cannot find the respondent unless children are involved.


Service by Publication is used when a process server cannot find a respondent’s location.

How It Works

Step 1

Call or email us with a specific request. 

Step 2

We will confirm receipt and assign a work order to a server in the respondents zip code.

Step 3

We will notify you with real time service updates from the field. Once complete we will file service returns with the specific court and provide file stamped copies back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a process server can't serve you in Houston?

  • It may be possible that a process server cannot serve you in Houston. Do not fret, you may ask the judge permission only when certain steps have failed to go through. Steps such as mailing the respondent that does not respond. You may opt to for other ways if and only if you have proof of the respondent’s living and work location, as well as proof of the location where service has taken place.
  • Filing a Motion for Substituted Service and a Rule 106(b) Affidavit from a process server may be one of the options that the judge can allow you to process service. The important thing is to make sure that the respondent’s personal information has been verified.
  • You can also opt for an Order of Substituted Service which authorizes eligible people to leave a copy of court papers with anyone over 16 at the location specified in the affidavit and can authorize service in any form.
  • Social media is another possible way to serve process, but this may be a difficult process. The judge may only authorize you if and only if the respondent’s social media account can be proven that the information that they have provided is authentic. We do not recommend this as this is a process of service that is very difficult to achieve. But if proven, the judge may authorize you. Keep in mind to check the Texas Rules of Civil Service before making a decision.

What is Austin Process?

If you are looking for a popular legal community in Texas Austin Process is where to go. With a growing community working with Fortune 500 go-to-law firms, Insurance companies, various state contracts, and individual law firms that pride themselves in taking care of each client that they handle. They have been in the legal business for over 20 years and have grown and developed an extensive network of reputable servers. Austin process offers various services that assure clients that they maintain high standards, provide quality services, and amazing customer support. They prioritize and carefully evaluate each client and study each case in detail to meet their client’s needs according to their tailored services. Their team consists of the following: Mike Techow, Marie Henry, Sue Dickerson, Whitney Riggs, Lilianna Soto, and Dublin, their office manager.

What services we provide?

  • Process Serving – A service that provides all of your civil process and investigative needs. They integrate first0name basis customer service with state-of-the-art technology themes. As a result, each client is guaranteed a hassle-free step-by-step process, with no need to call different companies all over the state to check cases. Process serving and investigative needs will be handled by Austin Process professionally and expeditiously.
  • Full Skip Tracing Department to Locate Hard to Find Business and Individuals
  • Asset Checks
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Document Filings
  • Uncontested Ticket
  • Record Retrievals and Courthouse Research
  • SOS Corporate Filings and Apostille Seals

What Attorneys Say

Here’s some feedback we’ve received from law firms all over the United States.

Bryan Crone

My office has used Austin Process exclusively since at least 2017. We do a moderate regular volume of business with them each year across several Texas counties and they have handled the ~90% of our straightforward service needs and the ~10% that are more complex equally well. The small staff is friendly and responsive and on the very few occasions when I’ve had something particularly out of the ordinary, Mike has personally ensured it’s taken care of. We’ve had a very good customer experience working exclusively with Austin Process for several years now and I would certainly recommend using them for any service needs throughout the State of Texas.


Jack Nichols

I’ve been using Austin Process for service and skip tracing since I opened my practice. They are incredibly reliable, responsive, and always get the job done.


Caleb Malone

I have worked with Austin Process for nearly a decade. They are prompt, professional, and reliable. They have never let me down and have extensive knowledge of the rules of civil procedure and expeditious turnaround time. Highly recommend!


Jeff Meyerson

This is a top notch outfit! They are quick, efficient, and VERY experienced. They are our firm’s go to process server every time.


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